Stewart Nuvola® Down Jackets

The Real Stewart Revolution. With The Nuvola® Jacket Collection, The Feather Dresses Of Skin And Gives Life To Very Soft, Light, Comfortable And Warm Garments.

Stewart Is 100% Made In Italy

Stewart Nuvola® is the ideal choice. Only 970 gr, which can be stored in a small canvas bag or in a comfortable pillowcase, it accompanies travel, moments of work and leisure.

High quality leather jackets, the result of decades of selection and unique treatments, padded with real goose down that mark a new course in the history of down jackets.

Slim and enveloping lines that pamper the body without hindering its movements. The innovative and valuable interiors of the Stewart Nuvola® duvets allow for natural thermoregulation in order to maintain warmth and breathability, for a comfort that you will never be able to give up.

Pillow Filling Instructions
Fall // Winter 2020-21
Spring // Summer 2020​